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How to clean your phone from covid 19

How to clean your phone from covid 19

How to clean your phone from the Corona virus

After the spread of the Corona virus, Covid 19, and in the interest of the Maqala site team for your safety, we will put in your hands the best way to clean
your mobile device in order to stay safe from this virus, which is that this virus spreads widely on surfaces and remains for 9 days, and is transmitted

to the person if it is not removed by cleaning.


Make sure you clean your phone the right way.


After studies were done they found that new viruses, including the virus known as COVID-19, can live on some surfaces for up to nine days, which may include your mobile phone. Which you may be carrying around all day and is the device you touch often with your hands and face, which means any bacteria, virus or other germs can make their way into your phone or bag and can easily transfer to your skin.


The best way to protect yourself from Corona.


Washing your hands the right way can help prevent you and your loved ones from contracting the virus, but what about your phone? The good news is that disinfecting your electronic device has officially become easier. Earlier, Apple said on its website that you can safely clean your iPhone using disinfecting wipes, such as Clorox papers.

However, there are still factors and cleaning techniques to avoid this virus that remains on the surface of your device for about 9 days. Although you may see good results at first, from cleaning with other methods, they can eventually damage the screen (or perhaps the internal components) you’ve been working so hard to protect.

We’ll tell you which products to avoid, and the best ways to disinfect your phone, clean fingerprints, sand and lint from ports and strong screen makeup (hint: never remove makeup). We also tell you how to take care of phones rated for water resistance. .

Disinfect your phone

If you touch your phone after touching a public door handle or a grocery cart, you might immediately consider cleaning it with alcohol. not do. It can strip the moisture-proof and waterproof coating which prevents oil and water from damaging the screen and other ports.

Some websites suggest using a mixture of alcohol and water, but they post cautionary notes about concentrations, so we suggest staying away from that to be on the safe side.

In the past, we’ve been instructed not to use disinfecting wipes on phone screens — but now Apple says it’s OK to use Clorox wipes or wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your iPhone. While Samsung device owners should beware, because Samsung has not said anything about this method, whether it affects their devices or not, and we do not know whether it is safe to use disinfectant wipes on Samsung phones.




Erase your phone at its best

A gentle wipe with a product that contains 70 percent isopropyl alcohol will do the trick. Apple recommends Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says EPA-registered household disinfectants are effective.

The CDC recommends

– Wear disposable gloves for cleaning

Wash your hands well after finishing.

Reusable gloves may contain virus particles, effectively rendering them useless.

And don’t forget your phone case.

You might also consider changing a little bit of your behavior. AT&T suggests sharing photos through text, rather than swiping the phone, and using devices like headphones and technology like Bluetooth to keep your phone away from your face.

Why should I care and clean my device?

This may be the best thing you can do throughout the day. Because outbreaks can be fast-moving and research is inherently slow to catch up. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not yet know exactly how long the virus can cling to a surface, but evidence suggests it could be “hours to nine days”.

So you have to clean your device to protect yourself

Remember (prevention is better than cure)

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